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The premiere theatre organization
of Franklin County, Kansas, USA!

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ACT Ottawa
P.O. Box 844
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Mission Statement
ACT Ottawa is dedicated to the development of community culture by providing a venue for artists and audiences of any age to experience and enjoy quality live theater.

ACT Ottawa Board of Directors
President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary
Krystal Stahl
Krystal Stahl Melissa Story Dennis Tyner Katrina Kichler

Members At Large

Cindy McCullough
Casey King Cindy McCullough David Schwarzer Shay Shaefer


ACT Ottawa is deeply committed to the community. Over the past several years ACT Ottawa has donated thousands of dollars to charities, provided support for creating a children’s theatre, and participated in community-building events. ACT Ottawa members serve on advisory committees, and as liaisons for a variety of commerce, service, and non-profit organizations.

ACT Ottawa Case Statement

Strong community identity is the key to a vibrant, energetic, and growing community. Area Community Theatre Ottawa (ACT Ottawa) is vested in Ottawa and provides opportunities for community dialogue.  As a result of the relationship art, involvement, and knowledge play in the positive growth model of successful towns and cities, it is important to invest in a citizen-based support system.  Citizens with a sense of belonging are active and involved in the well-being of their community.

ACT Ottawa offers the chance for area citizens to participate in local productions that further build the culture and cohesiveness of the community. This involvement provides a “feedback loop” that offers much more than the sale of a product or service. ACT Ottawa provides the structure to feed the creative needs of the community, and promotes the quality of life needed for progressive communities to survive.

ACT Ottawa as the only theater in Franklin County, is in the position to aid in building strategic partnerships, creating a deeper involvement with the community, and providing a vision for growth. Through theater, we can create an open dialogue, celebrate our humanity and build relationships, creating a catalyst for involvement of all community members.